Providing our clients and partners with worldwide trading services for the acquisition and negotiation of physical liquid energy commodities.



Industry Leader

General Oil Company, Inc., is a privately-held company since 1997 operates in the acquisition and Negotiation of Physical liquid energy commodities, offering worldwide trading services including hedging, price risk management, logistics, financing, transportation, and storage of physical liquid energy commodities.  We have offices in Florida, Houston, Texas, New York, Caracas, and Santo Domingo.

Focused on honesty, integrity, knowledge and making high-valued decisions in a constantly fluctuating petroleum market, General Oil makes the right calculated decisions with a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable employees and associates, making difference in the world of trade.

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Products Traded

Our principal activities and basis of our core business are:

  • Paving Grade Asphalts
  • Base Oils
  • Residual Fuel Oil
  • Burner Oils
  • Finished Lubricants and Greases

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    Florida Registered address:
    2637 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL

    New York Registered address:
    1230 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY

    Wyoming Registered address:
    1910 Thomas Avenue, Cheyenne, WY

    New York Direct Line:
    (212) 380-1208

    Houston Direct Line:
    (806) 353-5545